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Award Winning Zawadee Organic Raw Coconut Oil

Zawadee Coconut Oil is ethically-sourced, hand-pressed, raw and extra-virgin – it's sheer coconut goodness, in a jar. Because your health is a gift to be nurtured.

You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it in supermarkets and all your friends and family are raving about it too.

Now you want to know what’s the big deal, why should you start using it too? The fact is if you knew the benefits of using coconut oil (and like me love the aroma of coconuts) then you’ll probably become a fan for life!

In my opinion it’s one of the finest gift from mother nature. If like me, you care about your wellbeing and want to promote a healthier mind and body then read on to learn about why you should consider using coconut oil.

It was really important for me that our coconut oil is made using the freshest raw coconut meat and no heat is used to process the oil. It’s been a long journey around the globe to source quality coconuts to produce our 100% pure raw organic coconut oil but well worth it!

I’ve been exposed to coconuts in our diethair and skin ever since I was a child. Having grown up with coconut oil, coconut water and coconut milk I love all things coconut and am nuts about sharing the amazing benefits it offers.  

Me and my husband at the Launch of Zawadee


love it because it’s natural and is so versatile! My husband Zak has psoriasis and after trying several topical treatments nothing seemed to work until we started using coconut oil. Coconut oil is easily absorbed into the skin and holds in the moisture to nourish the dryness and calms the urge to itch. It also helps loosen the scales caused by the dryness. 

Its great for dandruff and dry flaky hair. I use it instead of my normal shampoo and conditioner, just massage the coconut oil into the scalp and comb it through, leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and wash it out.   

Our coconuts are grown in an organic sustainable eco farm in Sri Lanka. The oil is made from raw fresh coconut meat that is hand pressed. We believe it’s the purest organic raw coconut oil you will ever buy and will love the taste with its natural gentle coconutty aroma.  

If like me you've experience thinning hair and panicked then fear not, coconut oil is a great for hair growth and to make your hair stronger and softer. I used it as a hair mask when I was experiencing hair falling out. Massage it into the scalp and cover with a silk (preferably) scarf for it work over night then wash it out. Make sure you cover your pillows if you don't want the coconut smell.  

Coconut oil is so versatile, as well as using it in cooking and baking you can use it as a facial cleanser too. It's one ingredient I can't live without and our whole family uses it for their daily skin and hair care. 

Zawadee Award Winning Organic Coconut Oil

Use it as a natural daily cleanser for your face, it makes my skin baby soft and I love the fact that I can see the dirt when I wipe it with cotton wool. Use it day and night and then apply it as a base oil before applying your moisturiser. 

If you are looking for some great dishes to cook and bake with using coconut oil then head over to our blog for some inspiration. 

As always enjoy life, be happy, Shabs x