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Oud Perfumes

Fill your home with luxurious scent

Oud perfumes are so much more than another scent, choose the right oud perfume to complement your personality.  Most of our oud perfumes are suitable for both men and women, so whether you want to make a bold statement on a night out or looking for something more delicate with rose oud perfume to wear during the day we have it all. 

We have top-notch oud perfumes to choose from ranging from oud wood to delicate floral oud scents.

Our roll-on perfume oils are 100% pure fragrance oils and do not contain any alcohol.

Zawadee’s Eau de Parfum oud perfumes are presented in beautiful 50ml glass bottles, which are long-lasting and don't evaporate in a few hours.  

We also stock a range of must-have Oud perfumes from Dubai that make great gifts for that special occasion or treat yourself!