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Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Discover new scents for you & your home

100% Natural Aromatherpay Candles Made with Finest Ingredients  💛

Our natural scented candles offer a cleaner non-toxic burn, made with our special blend of coconut, rapeseed wax & sustainable plant-based soy wax and essential oils. 

Relax, rejuvenate and feel on top of the world with our natural candles made with natural sustainable plant-based soy wax and coconut oil with our own in-house blend of essential oils. Our candles contain pure natural ingredients without any toxic elements for you and your home.

Vitality - Natural Candle 

When you are having one of those days where nothing is going quite as planned, let our vitality candle help you feel energetic and uplifted. 

Relax - Natural Candle 

Feeling stressed, tired? It’s time to put the kettle on put your feet up and light our Relax & Revive natural scented candle. Make time to relax and revive your inner soul with the gorgeous essential oils and as its natural candle without any toxins, it's good for your space too.

Happy - Natural Candle 

We all need a pick me up from time to time, which is why we've brought you our version of "Happy"! This scented candle is curated with care and love to help put a smile on your face and forget about your troubles. 


Home Fragrance Collection

Make your home smell gorgeous

Create your home sanctury

A collection of our oud scented candles handcrafted using our in-house blend of natural coconut, rapeseed and soy wax.

Oud Scented Candles Made with natural coconut, rapeseed & soy wax